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July 30, 2018
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August 20, 2018

Video Marketing for Travel Industry: A Complete Guide

Travel is an experience. Unlike buying a new car or television or diamond necklace, one can’t buy  travel as a static object. People travel to broaden their perspectives, confront new cultures, and see life through a different lens than their own. Yet tourism marketing  continually fails to equate the experience of traveling with their advertising methods. Travel ads are often unimaginative and single-minded. But they don’t have to be.

Video and Tourism Marketing go hand-in-hand. Video is the ultimate tool for tourism marketing. The statistics are overwhelmingly in its favor.

  • 66% of people reported watching online video when thinking about taking a trip.
  • 64% of those surveyed used online video to help choose a destination.
  • 57% watched video to help choose accommodations for their travel.

The most common mistake in video tourism marketing is simply showing the basics: the beach, the hotel rooms, the restaurant, accompanied by a dull voiceover. But those things do not take advantage.

Here are few types of videos suggested for the promotion of tour and travel business.

Profile Video: Profile videos is the finest for Tours and travel industry. It can explain about your company profile, tours and packages you offer, happy clients. Profile video can be posted in your website and also in the traveler’s e-portals. These type of video can create brand image and can promote your brand. This can be either in explainer style with characters or ,motion graphics style, photo based animation or even live video shoot.

Destination Videos: Destination videos can be created for each and every tourist spot or package based on the requirement. This would help the possible traveler to analyze and know the tourist spot, culture, tradition, food cuisine and specialties of the particular location. This video can go viral on the social media which not only promotes the destination but also your brand.

Infographic:This style of videos can be used as graphical representation of information. This style can be used to offer detailed information about package, places to be covered, and accommodation and lodging details, tourist spots which can include complete planner in detail. This video can make the traveler get a complete idea on the particular package.This  infographic can also be represented as images.  This can be shared through Email, social media and Whatsapp as well

GIF Animation:Attractive GIF animations can be created to create brand awareness. This can be short animation to promote your brand or product and services for minimum of 5 seconds. This can be a funny or serious thought provoking concept which can go viral on social medias.

Short Ads: short ads about the company or any particular package for a maximum of 30 seconds about the brand, packages, special offers, testimonials  which can be used forWhatsapp sharing. This can be seasonal or regular videos.

Video Brochures:VideosBrochure are trending the market. Brochure’s can be created with scan able codes, where the viewers can just scan the mobile over the code, for the relevant video to be played. This can be profile video, tour packages video, accommodation or longing videos, food and menu video, planner and schedule video and more.

There’s no limit on creativity in tourism marketing, and these videos are just a few examples of how  video can be a significant factor and become a  leading contributor, of your tourism marketing campaign.

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