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July 9, 2018
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Is AI transforming digital marketing?

It is whilst discussing how AI will transform the digital marketing realm.

We have innumerable articles that predict a positive future for AI in digital marketing – Promising a great future where AI would swap human minds in conceptualizing promotional strategies or even generating their own Ads.

Practically speaking, that epoch is still far-away with our existing technologies. Still, there are certain essentials in which AI is changing digital marketing.

With the dawn of the information age, the perpendicular amount of data created by digital users surpasses the ability of data analysts to make sense of it. Enter AI into the state of affairs – we enable machines to sieve through this massive volume of data to make sense of what it means for us and our brands.

In parallel, the expectations of the recent day end user have changed significantly – they look forward to constant engagement as well as instant responses. Brands need to feed this insatiable craving.

It is a costly affair for brands to constantly engage their consumers with traditional means. With AI, there is a pleasant coupling of lesser human effort plus greater targeted content for consumers.

Here are the 3 Ways in which AI is transforming digital marketing addressing the data overload and modern consumers’ expectations.

  • Data Crunching

AI plays a vital role to filter and categorize data to figure out what is appropriate for the modern-day marketer and his brand.

  • Predictive Marketing

With AI analyzing our data, we not only make sense of it faster but we can also use it to forecast what our consumers like. With ample data about users, their content needs or their future actions can be predicted with AI.

  • Consumer Experiences

When it comes to AI and consumer experiences, chatbots are unquestionably a highlight. A chatbot is a form of AI that is able to replicate human conversation through either voice instructions or text chats or both.


Digital marketers of the present day need to work in tandem with machines to make decisions with the power of AI. Wish to know how you can improve your Digital video marketing campaigns- Contact us  at We will be glad to help you!

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