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How Emotions Drive Buyers? The ideology Behind Video Marketing

There is no shortage of information on internet. Indeed, the web is so drenched and fluffed with information that, it becomes hard to find genuine information that we can really use. This noise makes the work of the marketers even harder.

They are closely challenging for more consumer attention, and are also looking for ways to cut through the mess to be distinctive. The chief factor for any marketer is to know that the new-age customers care little about conventional marketing messages, and 98% of the users do not trust on plain ads and promotions.

So, those who are still promoting the bored-out sales deals through messages are found skeptical by the user, and such promo campaigns are mostly ignored.

So, what is the best possible way to gain consumer attention now?

Digital marketing specialists point towards video marketing to tap into the emotions of the viewers.

Creative and effective videos can grasp the interest of the target customers. That is why each and every company is trying to stockpile these emotions to launch a stronger bond between the budding consumers and establish their brands. 80% of the customers make purchase decisions where, emotion matters more than grounds and logic.

According to a recent study, experts found that organizations that successfully optimize the emotional connection tend to outperform their competitors by about 26% in the gross margin and about 85% in terms of overall sales growth.

Emotions sell better as these reflect at the baseline instinctive level. People may not always be aware of why they are buying the stuff, but they always feel good about it based on their perceptions. So, if you can touch their perceptions softly and positively, results are on your way with effective video marketing.

Another study by Nielsen Holdings, one of the biggest market research firms in the world, showed that emotions play vital in driving purchases. The ads which succeeded in generating above-average electroencephalogram (EEG) readings delivered about a 23% hike in the overall sales volumes. On the other hand, ads with negative EEG scores tend to experience a 16% dip in the sales volume. For those who are unaware of it, EEG is a diagnostic technology used to assess the non-conscious brainwave activity in response to human perceptions.

It is true that these analyses were part of large-scale ad campaigns. However, the psychology of tapping into the emotions can also be applied at a smaller scale in your limited local business video marketing strategies to get more results.

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